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Spine Care and Pain Unit

Pain is the primary cause of human suffering. The treatment we offer in our unit allows for greater wellbeing and less suffering, in line with the means and the times we live in. In this unit we carry out the most innovative treatments to help our patients achieve a better quality of life.

Featured treatments

The treatments we offer in our pain unit are carried out on the spine and on central and peripheral nerves to improve quality of life.

Pharmacological treatment

Oral medication

The use of medication can reduce the intensity of pain. These types of medications should be used with caution, after understanding how they work and their advantages and disadvantages.

Interventional treatment

Injected medication

The use of injected medications at the source of pain allows for significant relief using low doses and reducing side effects.


Radiofrequency treatment in its different versions can inhibit the nerve impulse, significantly reducing the sensation of pain.

Regenerative medicine

The processing of the body’s own particles to generate a regeneration of the damage suffered by degenerative disorders is a novel therapy that reduces both pain and its cause.

Electronic devices

There is the possibility of implanting electrodes on the spinal cord or peripheral nerves for pain that is highly resistant to other previous treatments.

Cancer pain

Cancer pain is a cause of fear and despair in patients with this terrible disease, and its treatment with powerful medication allows for greater wellbeing.