Sport Center, the new concept of exercise and sport for body improvement and functional training

A space for exercise and sport where specialists study physical conditions in order to ensure healthy, controlled exercise and sport for professionals and amateurs alike; for all users, regardless of their sporting level or basic pathologies.

Olympia Sport Center is made up of a range of units focused on assessing a person’s basal capacities. Pre-sport assessment, high performance, training and rehabilitation, intensive recovery from sports and trauma injuries, biomechanical studies, sports cardiology, and study of gait. All led by a multidisciplinary team specialising in sports medicine, traumatology, physiotherapy, cardiology, chiropody, nutrition and psychology for high performance, wellness and rest management.

All results are achieved on-site, as this space has consultation rooms for comprehensive advanced cardiological and biomechanical assessment, a 300-sqm gym, a water area with hot/cold pools, a rehabilitation pool, steam baths, a full ice lab area for cryotherapy, a sanarium, a hyperbaric chamber, and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology such as 3 Tesla Resonance Imaging.

A center focused on exercise and sport for body improvement and functional training. Aimed at increasing performance levels for regular amateur and professional athletes alike, regardless of their starting point, as well as anybody else wishing to tailor exercise and sport to their particular physical condition or state of health.