Programmes and Check-ups

We look after your health

The aim of Olympia’s health programmes is to prolong our state of wellbeing in a sustainable way. Our personalised programmes encourage people to stay permanently committed to their health.

The patient’s 4 steps at Olympia

First of all, getting to know your health

As soon as you set foot inside Olympia, our specialists will complete your medical history with the necessary tests and consultations to obtain a complete diagnosis. By covering every detail, we can achieve excellence in your health and wellbeing.

The plan that will take your health to the very top

We will draw up a personalised plan with guidelines based on your lifestyle and medical and sports needs. Following the plan will be the key to achieving extraordinary health.

By your side the whole way

You will be monitored, which will help you focus on one area or another in order to ensure a balanced wellbeing. You will have the support of a multidisciplinary team committed to your goals.

And at the finish line, we remain by your side

When you complete your plan, we will review the results to help you further optimise your wellbeing and even prevent possible future pathology. Knowledge and anticipation: the key to keeping your health at its best.