‘Caring For Both Of You’ Programme

Women’s health

Pregnancy is a physiological state which, left to run its natural course, will generally not pose any health issues for mother or baby. However, preventive follow-up and monitoring can make all the difference, allowing early detection of any disorders and helping ensure they can be treated in time.

And all this through a multidisciplinary, personalised approach, as every pregnancy and every woman is different and unique.

Caring for a child during its intrauterine life requires the intervention of a qualified obstetrician and a team of health and wellness professionals, who, together with the involvement of the mother-to-be and her partner throughout the process, will ensure a healthy, satisfactory gestational experience for both mother and child.

Alongside the team of health professionals at Hospital Universitario Quirón Madrid, we offer a personalised, multidisciplinary follow-up to guarantee the best pregnancy possible.

We are committed to the concept of "active pregnancy", accompanying you at all times for a healthier pregnancy in which you feel fit and arrive at the moment of delivery in optimal condition.