Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We can help clarify any queries you may have about our center

  • Can I make an appointment at the Medical Center using my insurance coverage?

    Absolutely, the Olympia Medical Center has agreements with certain insurance companies, including: ASISA (except civil servant policies), CIGNA, Sanitas (except IMQ, BUPA and Néctar groups), Generali, Adeslas (except group policies, Adeslas Dorada and civil servants) and Nueva Mutua Sanitaria (except civil servant policies).

    We recommend that you contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage or you can contact us at 914 101 200 if you would like us to check this for you.

  • Can I make an appointment at the Sport Center and Lifestyle Center using my insurance coverage?

    The Sport Center and Lifestyle Center services are privately contracted, which means that the client assumes full payment of the services. However, certain insurance companies also offer the client the possibility of reimbursement for the services.

    We recommend that you contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage or you can contact us at 914 101 200 if you would like us to check this for you. You can also fill in the contact form to tell us about your health goals so that we can advise you on the services that are best suited to you.

  • How much do the health and wellness programmes cost and can I book them online or by phone?

    The programmes require an initial consultation with a health specialist, who then prescribes them in a personalised manner, adapting them to the condition, needs and goals of each person. Then, a health assistant will present you with a quote for the different options so that you can adapt it to your availability and financial means.

  • Are there any financing options for private services?

    Absolutely, at Olympia we want to promote prevention and services that promote health. Therefore, we offer you different payment methods and financing options.

  • How is the Sport Center gym different from others I might join?

    The Olympia Sport Center gym is aimed at people who wish to do physical activity in a controlled manner and under the guidance of a professional. Therefore, one you’ve joined, you’ll receive a personalised training programme according to your condition and goals. We’ll help you reach the best version of yourself, whatever your starting point, whether this is the first time you’re starting a physical activity or whether you are an amateur or professional athlete.

  • What is Olympia and how is it different from other medical centers?

    Olympia is a medical-surgical day center where we attend to your healthcare needs from start to finish: from diagnosis to treatment, including major and minor surgery using outpatient techniques that will allow you to return to your everyday routine in a short span of time. It differs from other centers in that we offer prevention and precise optimisation services so that you can achieve the best version of yourself, in addition to providing diagnostic and treatment services, led by prestigious medical staff equipped with the latest technology. All this in a single center, Torre Caleido in MadridThis link opens in a popup window, which saves you travelling to different locations and also allows you to continue your treatments without leaving the city.

  • What tests can I undergo at Olympia, in addition to the speciality medical consultations?

    Olympia has a laboratory for clinical analyses, and a radiodiagnostic imaging unit equipped with a 3-Tesla resonance unit. In addition, at the Sport and Lifestyle Centers we have the latest technologies for a complete diagnosis and assessment by our professionals.

    You can also share your goals and interests with us through our contact form or by calling us at 914 101 200 to tell us about your needs so we can propose the assessment service that best suits you on.

  • Do you accommodate people living outside Madrid or Spain?

    At Olympia we bring healthcare closer to the citizens of Madrid and to anyone else living outside the city. We have specific services for those who live in other parts of Spain and for international users who wish to take advantage of their stay in Madrid to have a check-up, get a second medical opinion or undergo treatment. We have special prices for our patients.

    If you are interested in these services, you can call us at 914 101 200, or you can share your goals and interests with us through our contact form and we’ll inform you about the specific services for non-residents.

  • From what age can I use Olympia’s services?

    Our services are aimed at persons aged 18 years and over; minors can also be seen, if accompanied by their legal guardians, according to medical assessment criteria.

  • From what age can I sign up to a prevention and longevity programme?

    We recommend that you start using our preventive services as soon as possible. At Olympia, we only adapt and prescribe what is suited to each person and condition; therefore, in any case, the practitioner will design the plan in a personalised and individualised manner.

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