Medical Center



Olympia’s Neurology Service, led by Rafael Arroyo González, is made up of a group of specialised professionals, including neurologists, neurophysiologists and neuropsychologists. Our primary mission is to carry out the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of all diseases of the nervous system.

Our Neurology team members specialise in a wide range of neurological pathologies, to ensure that all patients, however strange and complex their ailment, can benefit from a specialist in their disease. To this end, the hospital is equipped with the most modern, comfortable facilities, as well as the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology.

Main areas of expertise

Treatment of headaches

Treatment of dementia and other memory disorders

Treatment of cerebrovascular diseases

Treatment of epilepsy

Treatment of stroke

Neuromuscular Unit

Treatment of multiple sclerosis


Sleep Unit

Treatment of neuropathic pain


Electromyography and all its techniques