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At the Olympia Otorhinolaryngology Unit, we focus on ear, nose and throat care. Our team of specialists treats diseases affecting the ear, the upper aerodigestive tract (nose, sinuses, pharynx and larynx) and the surrounding structures of the face and neck. These conditions include pathologies that damage the senses, such as hearing and balance disorders or problems with smell and taste. We also treat patients with diseases affecting the voice, breathing and swallowing, as well as those with head and neck pathologies, including the skull base and orbit, in collaboration with other specialities.

Featured treatments

Advanced Rhinology and Endoscopic Surgery Unit

Fitted with the most modern diagnostic equipment, such as videofibrolaryngoscopy, image recording systems and acoustic rhinometry. This unit performs endoscopic nasal surgical treatment, complemented with tissue microdebridement, radiofrequency and coblation systems, including pathology, in collaboration with the neurosurgery department (mainly for pituitary tumours) and ophthalmology (in cases of lacrimal duct problems).

Cervical Surgery and Oncology Unit

This service is part of the Quirónsalud Madrid Comprehensive Oncology Unit. It handles all benign and malignant lesions of the neck. It is equipped with the latest technology, such as CO2 laser and radiofrequency.

Voice Disorders Unit

Diagnoses and treats voice disorders. To do this, we use stroboscopic analysis, acoustic voice analysis and minimally invasive laryngeal microsurgical treatment of lesions. This unit is also responsible for prevention and vocal training for professionals of the spoken and sung voice, as well as vocal pathologies such as chordal paralysis, Reinke’s oedema, hyper- and hypotonic dysphonia, nodules and polyps.

Swallowing and Dysphagia Disorders Unit

This unit treats swallowing disorders caused by oncological, neurological or other problems, in collaboration with the digestive system service.

Audiology Unit

This unit handles the study and diagnosis of hearing dysfunctions, and therapeutic orientation. It has the most modern techniques for the assessment of both paediatric and adult patients. It also offers counselling and audioprosthetic advice.

Vertigo and Balance Disorders Unit

Treats all patients with balance disorders and vertigo problems. It uses the most up-to-date systems for the diagnosis and rehabilitation therapy of these pathologies (videonystagmography, V-Hit or dynamic posturography). It incorporates the novel use of virtual reality for the treatment of balance disorders and dysfunctions in sports practice.

Implants and Advanced Ear Surgery Unit

The Cochlear Implant Unit is made up of a multidisciplinary team of otolaryngologists, audiologists, child neurologists, implant technicians, speech therapists and rehabilitation specialists. These specialists diagnose the hypoacusis and manage the subsequent suitability and placement of the implant. They also make it possible for the patient to discriminate sounds and develop language.

Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics Unit

Its role is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients who present disorders in the areas of communication, language (oral and written), speech, voice and orofacial functions. The unit works in different areas, with special attention to speech disorders (dysphemia, dyspraxias or dysarthria), oral and written communication and language problems and orofacial changes. Myofunctional therapy is used to treat problems such as atypical swallowing, oral breathing or dysphagia.