Medical innovation

Our commitment to offer the best diagnoses and treatments, and achieve the best results to ensure people’s satisfaction, has led us to use the latest technologies to combine innovation with wellbeing and medical safety.

In the area of sport, we have new technologies such as the ice-lab and the hyperbaric chamber. This also includes wet areas, including swimming pools, a saunarium and Turkish bath for better recovery.

Olympia is equipped with a central diagnostic imaging service with state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Multitom, or the 3 Tesla MRI, which supports our accuracy and diagnosis.

Medical technology

Olympia at the forefront of technology

We invest in and equip our centers with the latest medical technology available for both diagnosis and treatment in order to optimise the health of our users. At Olympia we are committed to being a benchmark in the development and application of new technologies in the healthcare sector, paying special attention to biotechnology. We see the development of biotech as an essential axis for innovation through the improvement of methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases. With the latest technologies in both diagnosis and treatment at our disposal, we are able to offer healthcare services that are a first of their kind in Spain, ensuring greater efficiency and safety for our patients. To cite an example, our service is starting out with:

  • The first full-body cryotherapy room (ice lab) in Spain: short-term physical therapy with a long-term effect. The ice lab is used as a medical treatment, in top league sports or in the wellbeing sector. Indicated for rheumatic pain, fibromyalgia, faster rehabilitation, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, asthma, treatment of stress and physical exhaustion after training, among other conditions.
  • We also have a hyperbaric chamber, whose clinical effectiveness has been proven in multiple studies. Hyperbaric oxygenation of our body to treat multiple pathologies and promote the recovery of different injuries or surgeries, such as burn injuries, sudden deafness, diabetic foot injuries, recovery of tissues after surgical procedures. It is also indicated to prevent injuries when doing sport as it reduces inflammation and has a vasoconstriction effect, as well as helping to improve sleep and activate collagen, thus preventing premature wear and tear of the joints.

3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A diagnostic technique for detailed imaging of organs, tissues and internal structures of the human body that uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to generate high-resolution, three-dimensional images of the human body. The 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an advanced technology that provides sharper and more detailed images than those obtained with lower power devices. This higher resolution allows doctors to more accurately identify and diagnose a wide range of conditions, including brain injuries, cancer, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, its design is tailored to make the process more bearable for the patient, with a noticeable decrease in noise and a wider tube to minimise claustrophobia and anxiety during the test.

Water area

We have a robotic pool with a pneumatic floor to control the depth from 0 to 160 centimetres with a treadmill, bicycle and counter-current swimming systems. We also have hot and cold water pools that can be alternated in the different stages of rehabilitation. This area has a sauna and Turkish bath to reach the body temperature increase required in different processes, and a saunarium that enables different training systems in hot temperature conditions.

Medical laboratory

"The best doctors in the world are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman." - Jonathan Swift

At Olympia we have our own collection point and laboratory, "Point of Care Testing", and blood bank, which allows us to provide an immediate response in urgent cases.

In the case of non-urgent analyses, processing takes place at the Central Health Diagnostics Laboratory, which offers the levels of assistance to medical professionals and excellence in results and response times demanded by the most prestigious private centers across Spain. This center has UNE-EN ISO 15189 accreditation, the most demanding standard in the field of Clinical Laboratories, which is based on patient safety as a fundamental principle and aims to ensure quality assurance, technical competence and reliable results.

With a catalogue of more than 2,500 tests, Olympia prioritises a service based on quality practices, innovation and the offer of tests of high diagnostic value adapted to the real-time demand of our patients, in the fields of clinical biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pathological anatomy and genetics.

Some of our stand-out tests at Olympia include:

  • Genetic testing
  • Allergy and intolerance testing
  • Nutritional testing
  • Hormonal testing
  • Gynaecological PAP tests
  • Biomarkers
  • Wellbeing markers such as telomere length

Medical teaching and research

"There is no teaching without research and no research without teaching." - Paulo Freire

One of Olympia’s main priorities is to promote teaching among our professionals for the dissemination of knowledge, and thus enrich scientific communities and society as a whole. To this end, we have an auditorium equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies, where we hold forums, talks and symposiums for both healthcare professionals and the general public. In addition, we actively collaborate with national and international institutions, associations and companies, and plan conferences in various fields of knowledge.

The promotion of healthcare research and innovation is of strategic interest not only for its contribution to the generation of new scientific knowledge, but also for the improvement of healthcare services and healthcare in general.