Gema García
Gema GarcíaGema García

Dra. Gema García Gálvez

Olympia Medical-Surgical Center
Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital
  • General Information

    • Associate Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Service, Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital.
    • Gynaecologist and coordinator of the Pelvic Floor Unit, Madrid Quirónsalud Hospital
    • Head of the Medical Sexology Unit.
    • Dr. García Gálvez, PhD in Medicine and Surgery, Autonomous University of Madrid, specialist in Gynaecology, Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Clinic (Autonomous University of Madrid).
    • She specialises in the pelvic floor, and is the director of the pelvic floor unit, where she also works actively as a surgeon.
    • Master’s in Medical Sexology, European University of the Atlantic (February 2020)
    • Expert in laser-assisted female intimate surgery, (Toledo QuironSalud Hosp. October 2015)
    • Training in hyaluronic acid injection techniques (April 2018).
    • Certification in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery with AMI implants (September 2020)
    • Fundación Jiménez Diaz Hospital. Madrid (1995-1998)
    • Clinica de la Zarzuela / Clinica Nª Sª Valle (1999-2000)
    • Gabinete médico Velázquez (Hª San José /Hª San Rafael. Madrid) (2000-2007)
    • Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital (since September 2007).
    • Head of the Pelvic Floor Unit. Vaginal surgery for incontinence and prolapse.
    • Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Autonomous University of Madrid (La Princesa Hospital); 21st promotion, 1988-1994.
    • PhD Thesis. Title: "17b-estradiol stimulates neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression in human neutrophils: involvement in platelet aggregation". Unanimous Outstanding Cum Laude, extraordinary award. Autonomous University of Madrid. 1999.
    • Speciality via MIR in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Clínica de Nª Sª de la Concepción. Autonomous University of Madrid. December 1998.
  • Publications

    PUBLICATIONS: 4 National and 2 International Journals:

    • Gª Durán,M; De Frutos,T; Diaz Recaséns,J; GARCIA GALVEZ,G; ……López Farré,A. " Estrogen stimulates neuronal nitric oxide synthase protein expression in human neutrophils". Circulation Research 1999;85: 1020-1026.
    • Gª Durán,M; GARCIA GALVEZ,G; ……López Farré,A. " 17B-estradiol stimulated nitric oxide production by neutrophils: effect on platelet activation". OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY 2000;95:284-290.

    2 COLLABORATIONS IN BOOKS, including: "Unidad de suelo pélvico". Clínicas Urológicas de la Complutense. Incontinencia urinaria. Nº 8. 2000 (págs 779-791).

  • Communications and Presentations

    Papers and presentations: 8 National and 7 International 1st Urinary Incontinence Awareness Conference. San Rafael Hospital. Madrid. February 2004. " Importance of the problem and causes of Urinary Incontinence". III Conference on Gynaecology and Obstetrics Updates. Madrid. February 2006. "Contribution of new treatments in Urinary Incontinence".

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