Experts in Advanced Dermocosmetics and Anti-Ageing join Olympia’s Lifestyle Space

A team of dermatologists, doctors and surgeons offer a comprehensive service specialising in skin diseases.

A young team of experts in preventive dermatology, aesthetics, wellness and anti-ageing has joined Olympia Quirónsalud’s Lifestyle area to offer a comprehensive service specialising in skin diseases.

Doctors and renowned surgeons working in Olympia’s range of medical units count on the equipment and technology necessary to treat any problems with skin, hair, nails or other mucous membranes.

According to Dr Maria Calvo, Head of Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine at Olympia, the goal is to treat skin holistically, caring for it in a natural, healthy way. "From dermocosmetic and anti-ageing advice through to preventing skin cancer, offering our patients both the best tools to diagnose and monitor pigmented lesions and also cutting-edge digital dermoscopy equipment to treat a range of dermatological conditions," explains Dr Calvo.

As the specialist points out, they work alongside other specialities in a multidisciplinary manner, offering specific units coordinated by experts in areas such as general clinical dermatology, pigmented lesions and skin cancer unit, trichology, acne, hyperhidrosis, psoriasis, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer dermatology, dermatological surgery, nail pathology and women’s pathology.

"We have one of the most modern laser platforms on the market for a range of diseases, offering either stand-alone or combined treatment, always based on an initial dermatological diagnosis for complete management of skin alterations, with individualised protocols that can combine laser technologies as required," says Dr Calvo.

"Olympia’s Lifestyle Center also has specific laser units for vascular and pigmented lesions, tattoos, stretch marks, acne/rosacea, scars and rejuvenation, including the NORDLYS ELLIPSE laser or the PICOSURE pulsed dye laser", says the dermatologist.

To supplement the medical part, Olympia’s Lifestyle offers a space dedicated to facial and body aesthetic medicine, skin care and wellness. "In our modern facilities, innovative aesthetic techniques are performed individually for each patient by leading specialists in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, offering solutions for a range of alterations associated with ageing, such as wrinkles, changes in skin tone/texture and flaccidity. We use INDIBA radiofrequency treatment, achieving outstanding results," he says.

Dr Calvo’s Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine team firmly believe in preventing ageing through lifestyle habits aimed at caring for the skin combined with a range of early-stage treatments, "to delay the signs of ageing as much as possible, always under medical guidance," says Dr Calvo.

According to this specialist, the Body Aesthetics Unit, led by medical experts, carries out clinical diagnoses for a range of alterations, addressing cellulite, localised fat, lymphoedema and body flaccidity problems thanks to a range of medical and aesthetic treatments and devices. COOLSCULPTING, a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is available, among other technologies.

"The center counts on the innovative VISIA platform for skin condition imaging diagnosis and to set up personalised routines for daily care, always based on dermatological diagnosis of skin type and associated skin conditions," says the doctor.

There is also a team of estheticians specialising in facial and body treatments which, together with the center’s cutting-edge equipment, plays a key role in aiding and maintaining a range of medical treatments.

All professionals in the Dermatology and Aesthetics team at Olympia are highly involved in research, training and teaching in the different dermatology aesthetics areas, as well as taking part in clinical trials and publications in national and international scientific journals.