Sports traumatology specialists join Olympia’s Sport Center

The teams of doctors Manuel Leyes and José Tabuenca will work together to make Olympia a leading centre in Traumatology and Sports Medicine

Prestigious, experienced specialists in treating sports injuries, including heads of medical services of national teams and federations that have taken part in Olympic Games and World Championships, have joined Olympia’s Sport Center to ensure it is at the forefront of traumatology and sports medicine. The team is led by traumatologist Manuel Leyes, a leader in the field of sports traumatology, and José Tabuenca, a recognised expert in arthroscopy and reconstructive surgery of the upper limb.

Sport Center is part of Quirónsalud’s new site in Caleido (IE), where it has outstanding facilities and cutting-edge technology for athletes.

As Dr Manuel Leyes says, our focus is on multidisciplinary personalised care for patients, including traumatologists, sports doctors, physiotherapists, cardiologists, psychologists, nutritionists, radiologists, podiatrists, etc. Continuous, effective communication among all professionals improves diagnosis, treatment planning and outcomes.

"We manage the health of professional athletes and their family, offering a one-stop service. Always with a view to looking after all aspects of your health and illness, offering the best professionals and the latest technology," says Manuel Leyes. But, as the specialist points out, we also want to offer the general public the same quality of care that we have been providing for professional athletes over the last 20 years. "In major American leagues such as the NBA, NFL and NBL, in the national professional soccer and basketball leagues, in a wide range of national teams and in handball, skiing, tennis, paddle tennis, gymnastics, judo, athletics, golf..." stresses Dr Leyes.

According to Dr José Tabuenca, the service is divided into specialised functional units organised by anatomical regions: foot and ankle, hip, knee, spine, shoulder and elbow, wrist and hand.

Surgical activity at Olympia Sport Center focuses on techniques that do not require admission to hospital. Any surgery requiring a hospital stay will be carried out at Hospital La Luz de Madrid, part of Quirónsalud Group, which is ascribed to this innovative center, on Paseo de la Castellana. The hospital will be the first specialist center in Spain dedicated to prosthetic surgery. "We count on heads of section from leading hospitals dedicated exclusively to prosthetic surgery. We also have the most cutting-edge augmented reality systems, robotic surgery and online follow-up of evolution and rehabilitation," says Manuel Leyes.

Doctors Manuel Leyes and José Tabuenca agree that their goal is to offer technical excellence and the highest medical and human quality treatment, ensuring patients have access to leading professionals and the most avant-garde technology.

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