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Men’s health

We treat urological pathologies with the most advanced diagnostic techniques, and also erectile disorders and infertility. We help you improve your sex life.

Our aim is to help men with sexual dysfunctions and provide them with solutions to improve their sex life. To this end, we offer individual, personalised care, combined with the most efficient surgical procedures and the most advanced technology. Our success lies in our knowledge and expert specialisation in penile surgery, which is essential to obtain the best outcome according to the characteristics and needs of each patient.

Featured treatments

Peyronie’s Disease

This disease has a significant impact not only physically but also psychologically on the patient’s life, as it makes sexual relations difficult or impossible. We are experts in all surgical techniques related to Peyronie’s disease, with surgery being the only solution in many cases. This solution combines several different techniques depending on each patient. That is why it is essential that the doctor has experience and expert knowledge of the surgical options and can therefore assess the most suitable for each case.

Erectile dysfunction

Not being able to have pleasurable sexual relations affects men by generating a lack of self-esteem and loss of confidence, and can even lead to social isolation. This pathology affects more and more men. Our team is made up of expert andrologists who will provide you with the confidence you need. There are different solutions such as pharmacological treatment or the implantation of a penile prosthesis, with a very high rate of patient satisfaction, as it greatly improves erectile and sexual function.

Aesthetics of the penis

More and more men are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of their penis, which creates discomfort and lack of confidence. The high level of specialisation of our multidisciplinary team of urologists, andrologists, sexologists and plastic surgeons ensures the best results. In our unit, we perform penis enlargement and thickening procedures, combined with other techniques such as scrotoplasty and liposuction. It is common to combine methods depending on each patient. Our team will provide an excellent assessment, with accurate information and a realistic evaluation of the expectations of each patient.

We also offer solutions for patients with buried penis, greatly improving the patient’s quality of life, as the procedure will allow penetrative intercourse and standing urination.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This pathology is a natural result of the passage of time caused by the growth of the prostate. In our unit, we assess the best solution, from pharmacological treatment, to minimally invasive treatments such as steam heat therapy (REZUM), to the latest surgical procedures such as prostate enucleation by Holmium Laser, which is very effective.