Sustainability reaches the world of health and sports

Olympia center, a pioneer in instiling the value of sustainable health, preventive medicine and promoting sport

One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, Health and Wellbeing, is to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all as a way to ensure sustainable development. That is why Olympia promotes preventive care and optimal management of longevity based on healthy lifestyles.

Olympia Quirónsalud is a pioneer in instiling the value of sustainable health and preventive, predictive, personalised, precision medicine focused on sports as a way to promote healthy habits.

It was created so people can enjoy quality health thanks to its accessibility, its preventive care services, and its personalised treatments with holistic care. All this in a single center equipped with the latest technological advances, and led by highly qualified professionals.

Medical Center, Sport Center and Lifestyle Center, the three Olympia centers that offer excellence in outpatient medical-surgical diagnosis and treatment. Preventive care for healthy persons and health improvement through controlled exercise and sport, increasing the chances of improving wellbeing and longevity while treating chronic patients based on functional, interdisciplinary care for people looking to keep healthy in a sustainable manner.

All these services are supported by the Clinical and Sports Nutrition, High Performance Psychology & Wellness and Rest Management Units.